Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A whole year...

It is a gorgeous day here in Southern California. Sunny, clear and warm. Spring has sprung, flowers are in bloom and it is a perfect day to sit back and celebrate the life of a little girl who left us one year ago.

One year ago we lost Maddie Spohr and her passing has inspired thousands of people to write, donate, love, cherish, and count their blessings. In her passing, there has been a movement to keep her memory alive, surround her family with love, celebrate her life and work toward a cause to help others.

A few days after Maddie's passing, inspired by the energy of the online world as we all grieved with Mike and Heather, I found the courage to put some words on "paper" and write my first posts. The first was just a warm-up, flexing my fingers. The 2nd post was for Maddie.

Today I'm wearing purple in Maddie's honor, I'll make a donation in her name and on April 24 I will March for Babies here in LA with many other members of her team.

We miss you every day Maddie. I believe that the beauty of today is your way of sharing the beauty of your existence with those of us here thinking of you.

Big hugs to Mike, Heather, Annie and Rigby today and always.

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