Monday, March 29, 2010

Good news...and other fun stuff

We recently learned that Jack had been accepted into a local private school for kindergarten - and I'm still just over the moon about it. We didn't think we had a chance for acceptance because it is a church-based school and we are not parishioners - plus the competition was pretty stiff (30 spots and 45 applicants), but he got in! His test scores were awesome, which I knew they would be, and I'm so very proud of him!

In other silly story news...Benny spent a large portion of tonight sticking his fingers down the back of my pants. Clearly I either need a belt or to keep them pulled up more often. He thought it was hilarious, but I prefer that he not find my crack so entertaining.

This weekend I stalked another mom to find out the brand of shoe she was wearing. They were cute little yellow sandals, and I desperately coveted them on sight, but don't know her well enough to be all "hi, I'm in love with your sandals...where did you get them? what brand? I must have them!), so I just gazed longingly at them for a while, wishing I had the guts to ask her about them. Then! I looked up from fishing a piece of half chewed pizza crust out of my bra (thanks Benny) to see that she was standing in front of me with one knee on a bench, so the bottom of her shoe was facing me. I was able to read the brand off the sole, and when I got home, started Googling until I found them! They will be mine very soon!

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