Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Comedy - 2009 Edition

Like many other families, every year we take a family photo for our holiday card...and every year it is kind of a pain in the ass. I love the tradition - and it is often the best and only shot of all of us together - but fitting it into a crazy holiday schedule is always a challenge. Also, and again like many other families, there are a zillion outtakes as my kids rarely perform on cue. There is always at least one where both Michael and I have clearly had it and are ready to give up altogether.

This year we took shots on our front porch with a little help from my cousin, who actually had more fun than we did, I think...and she brought us cookies!

Here are some of the best bloopers from our 2009 holiday card:

One of my faves - I call it "give me strength". Sadly, this was one of the first shots - so you can see how well this is going to go!

Unfortunate timing on this game of "where's Benny!"

Benny is clearly not interested in participating at all here:

Ultimately, we chose this one - mostly because none of us are crying, playing peek-a-boo or picking our noses.

Happy holidays y'all!

(many thanks to Mary Cilva for being our photog this year!)