Monday, March 1, 2010

When did he get so big?

That is a question I ask myself daily - when did he get so tall? So smart? So funny? So sweet? Jack will be 5 in May, which means he enters Kinder this fall and starts Little League this week. We have begun searching for the right school - applications are in, testing is this week, and while I'm perfectly comfortable in both of our options (and one is a sure thing, which helps take the pressure off), I'm still nervous. We are applying to our local Catholic school - and as we aren't active parishioners yet, we are pretty low on the list for acceptance. I'm not at all worried about his abilities - Jack is more than ready for school (LL is another story, but we'll try it out) - but I'm just not ready for him to be a Kindergartener. These days, he is more and more amazing to me - his vocabulary is awesome, his imagination blows me away and his hugs are exactly what I need after a long day. He's also super sensitive, gets his feelings hurt often and feels the stresses of our household these days (usually generated by his brother, Benny the Screecher). But he works it out - attacks his fears head on and figures out how to make something work.

This kid - I tell you - he's the best.

Love you buddy.

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