Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Target cart is empty...

Quick post to capture a random and annoying thought...next week we will be purchasing Jack's school uniforms (!), which means:

a) he's growing up (sob!)
b) back to school stuff is starting to appear in the stores :-)!*
c) I really need to cut back on the random t-shirt purchases at Target and/or Carter's** since he won't need as many clothes as before...now what am I going to do when I'm bored/depressed/feeling sluggish and can't justify any more shoes for myself?


*I CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT to go BTS shopping with Jack to pick out his own backpack and lunch box...so excited!

**I love the Carter's store...the clothes for older (read: non toddler) boys are still so cute, colorful (CHEAP!) and devoid of scary skull images (I'm talking to you! Target boys department!). It was a sad day when Jack moved out of the 5T sizes and we ventured into the "other" side of the aisle in our beloved Bullseye store. Those clothes are NOT CUTE! and Jack still is. So there.