Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BTS Shopping - the dream and the reality

A quick update on this post:

Jack and I hit Target last weekend to get his Back to School supplies. We had been talking about it for a while and I was super excited to go do this together. Jack - not so much.

I always loved going shopping for back to school stuff, and, as this is his first year in "real school" I wanted him to be excited too. I had promised that he could pick out any backpack that he wanted, which he was looking forward to. We also had many discussions about lunch boxes - he wanted a themed lunch box, but I knew those were likely going to be too small for our needs (I have to pack lunch and snacks next year, so it needs to be roomy). I explained to him, multiple times in advance, that he would get a plain lunch box, but he could pick any thermos or other containers to in it, and those all had superheroes and characters on them. Good compromise, right? Riiigggghhhhtttt.

So we go to Target (BTW - this was in late July and the BTS sections were CLEANED OUT! I hope they plan to restock soon.) and hit backpacks first. Of course, they were sold out of the Ben 10 one Jack wanted, but he picked a Bakugan one instead, and seemed fine with the alternate choice (or so I thought).

Then, we hit the lunch box aisle. Now, remember, I had prepped him multiple times in advance that we were getting a plain lunch box, and while he was initially not thrilled with the choice, he had agreed. Before we left the house. So I again thought that picking the fun thermoses and containers would be fun for him. Again, not so much.

We argued for 20 minutes over which one we were getting. He HATED the one I picked. Didn't give a rip about the thermoses but was desperate for ANY box that had characters on it. Oye. Definitely not the picture perfect mother/son bonding experience I was hoping for.

Ultimately he agreed to the box I picked, and he chose his accessories so we could get the hell out of there. (Also? Mommy had to really let go of her need for everything to match since he picked a Transformers snack container, a Spiderman thermos and another container that had the Clone Wars on it. I'm still twitching over that!).

All in all, he really was good, just not nearly as into this as I was. And he is super excited to start at his new school, so that is awesome.

Of course, the next day, he told me, quite sadly (little manipulator), that he REALLY wanted the Ben 10 backpack...and I am a GIANT sucker, so I found one on Target.com (free shipping!) and ordered it. It will be here tomorrow. He's finally excited. SUCKA!

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