Thursday, July 30, 2009

"MakeYourMommiesCrayzee" Day at School

So, yeah...I haven't posted in 2 or 3 months...I could say that it is because we've been busy, which we have, but whatevs...the truth is I'm lazy. So - I've accepted it and am moving on.

So today was "Bring Your Bike (or Scooter) to School" day at preschool. I'd like to note that the person who thought that bright idea up was also off today so didn't have to witness the cursing that ensued as parents all over the area remembered this at the very last minute and had to rummage through their garages/backyards/junk piles to find the required bicycles and scooters.

Let me paint the picture - if you've ever seen our garage, you know that we are like those fish that grow to the size of their tanks...i.e., we've got a huge garage and a huge amount of crap to match. So I stumble through the piles of junk, extricate the bicycle (complete w/spiders); stub my toes (flip flops are not a good idea in my garage) accidentally bonk Benny in the head with it because he and Jack insisted on being "right there!" when I was trying to get thru the hallway (he's fine) and into the car. Somehow I managed to drag it into school while helping Jack w/his helmet (he insisted on wearing it into school even though the bike riding wasn't slated to happen for 2 hours - comedy!) - all one handed while holding Ben (who was spazzing out in his own right) and his paraphernalia. Holy crap. I needed a drink before 8:00 a.m.

(This post is dedicated to my friends Aimee and Becky for suggesting that my Twitter postings are blog-worthy. Not sure if that is the case as I stumble around trying to find my voice here - but at least I'm thanks ladies!)

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