Friday, May 1, 2009

I got nothing

Hmmm...oh yeah, the blog. Well, things have been a little crazy around here - the boys and I are sick. Like, can't work, can only moan and whine, sick (that's me). The boys are much better when they are sick - I'm sure that will change as they get older though. I HATE being sick - there just isn't time for it in my world. Plus, when the baby gets sick, he gets really sick. He is prone to chest congestion and has to use a nebulizer, which sucks. Every session is a struggle - he wants to eat the mask and so I spend the whole time waving it away from his grabby little hands while trying to aim the mist at his face.

The most exciting thing that has happened lately is that the hubs and I actually got to spend a day together...without the kids! It was fabulous. Talk about reminding us that we actually enjoy each others company! Two Friday's ago we both had the afternoon off - and we just hung out. Went to lunch, picked up some supplies for Jack's Transformers birthday party in a couple of weeks, tested cupcakes at a local bakery, took a nap and then...the best part of all...finally hung a slew of photo frames that have been sitting in our back hallway since January.

It was such a great day - relaxing, productive and just...great. I want to do that again. Right now.

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